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Let Triangle Technology Solutions handle your network setup and upgrades with the latest high speed wired and wireless devices for optimum efficiency and productivity without latency. Call today to get a free estimate and cost effective plan to suite your home or business needs.

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TTS is able to offer many network solutions tailored to your home or business needs. Some, but not limited to, the services offered are:

  • Hardware purchase and support of 1 or 10 Gigabit switches from brand names such as Netgear, Cisco, HP Proliant, and many more.

  • Configure managed network switches for data packet routing to improve efficiency and reduce latency.

  • Implementation of Fiber Optic networking solutions with speeds in the 1000 Gigabit range and beyond.

  • Wireless setup providing your space with area coverage with access points to cover the entire home or office space without interruption of connectivity or connection drops.

  • Support for existing network infrastructure already in place for continued reliability and maintenance.

  • Upgrades for existing network infrastructure to improve speed and reliability as well as adding additional end points for you growing business.

  • Data packet routing and prioritization.