Data Backup & Restore

Business Continuity

Business continuity is one of the highest priorities. Cloud based and offsite network operation centers (NOC) can be a life saver in the even your site is rendered inoperable for any reason. Ransomware is a major concern for any business and cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Having incremental backups can save your business for a complete disaster. TTS can handle your backups and disaster recovery planning so you can rest easy knowing your critical data is safe and your business can be back and fully functional within hours of a disaster.

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Triangle Technology Solutions offers solutions for redundant infrastructure as well as data backup and restoration:

  • Cloud based backup storage solutions to safely store and securely access your data anywhere.

  • Virtual stand by infrastructure in Azure, AWS, and other services for business continuity

  • Offsite NOC for server hosting, daily backups, and other operations to minimize onsite equipment and data.

  • Small data backups using Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and other online storage solutions.

  • Backup power and generator installation and maintenance.

  • Data retention policies for compliance obligations.