Hardware Repair, Installation and Upgrades

Hardware Management

Hardware changes consistently and keeping up can be expensive and not always effective depending on your home or business needs. TTS is able to assess your current tech and either recommend upgrades or replacements only when necessary to increase efficiency, speed, and reliability. Also, if you have a broken device TTS is able to restore it to its original factory condition or better.

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Triangle Technology Solutions offers a range of solutions for computer, network, and device, installation, upgrades and repairs:

  • Work with hardware vendors to get warranty RMA repairs.

  • Upgrade storage hardware to increase read/write speeds.

  • Upgrade computer and laptop memory (RAM).

  • Fix problems with computer startup and booting.

  • Replace blown internal power supplies.

  • Replace or upgrade motherboards and processors (CPU).

  • Replace cracked tablet and smart phone touch screens.

  • Manage tech leases with periodic refreshes of hardware.

  • Workstation and laptop setup and installation.

  • Upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 10

  • Update Firmware, Windows/Mac OS, and software to latest versions.

  • Replace aging network switches and wireless access points to the latest hardware.

  • Setup dual monitors for workstations.

  • Install or update kiosk display screens and monitors.

  • Upgrade or install video surveillance equipment.

  • Replace batteries or install new uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

  • Any other hardware related upgrades, updates, or repairs.

  • Disposal, removal, and recycling old hardware.

  • Data wiping, hard drive shredding, and factory resetting hardware.