Cloud and Offsite

Cloud and offsite based solutions

Cloud and offsite storage and infrastructure can provide the services that your site may not have the space or the expense to handle. TTS cloud management is also more secure as the solutions offered are backed by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google services.

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Triangle Technology Solutions offers cloud solutions for data and infrastructure:

  • Cloud based storage solutions to safely store and securely access your data anywhere.

  • Virtual stand by infrastructure in Azure, AWS, and other services for business continuity.

  • Offsite NOC for secure server hosting, data storage and day-to-day operations to minimize onsite equipment and data.

  • Small data backups using Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and other online storage solutions.

  • Office 365 email administration, spam filtering, user licensing management, and migrations from on-premises servers to Office 365.

  • Azure Active Directory, Azure application management, AWS administration, and Google Cloud Services implementation.

  • Cloud blob storage for data housing and virtual cloud infrastructure.

  • VoIP cloud hosted soft phone systems.

  • Other cloud based solutions to fit your needs.